Covid 19

Update 11th July 2020

Lockdown Phase 3 was declared by the First Minister this week. This means we can celebrate mass again – with important restrictions – from Wednesday July 15th. Live streaming will continue but now moves to the church.

Here is a message for the Archbishop about the gradual and phased re-opening of our churches. Please follow us on Facebook for details of what this will mean at the Immaculate Conception.

3rd April 2020

2nd April 2020

1st April 2020

31st March 2020


Everyone is feeling – and will feel – the economic fallout from Covid19. IF you can – but only IF – email (or PM) and we can supply details on how to help the parish financially in these weird days.

26th March 2020

25th March 2020

Joining with whole world in praying at least the Lord’s Prayer (at Pope Francis’ invitation) – please join in ….. Well also use the prayer for the renewal of the church toward the back of your retreat booklet. Stay safe

Update 24th March 2020

Update 23rd March 2020

CHURCH CLOSURE We are now completely closed in church and hall; all sacramental celebrations are suspended ​with the exception of a reduced funeral – only at the graveside or crematorium. ​

Anointing of the sick and reconciliation by request and following hygiene guidelines. ​ There are instructions posted on how to contact me when needed​.

 FACEBOOK is our main line of social media communication as well as this  email address 

In the absence of our own live stream (as yet) here are some options across Glasgow and beyond.

ELDERLY AND VULNERABLE Thanks to all who asked and volunteered to look our for our elderly. ​ In fact this is not covered via family, statutory work (Like Cordia) and our ​St Vincent De Paul and a few Eucharistic ministers (Doing their caring by telephone) ​