Parish Groups

At the Immaculate Conception we are very fortunate to have music provision for all Sunday masses including the Saturday vigil. We aim to provide music that enhances the congregation’s experience of mass while encouraging participation.  The style of music varies from traditional organ and cantor on Sunday mornings through guitar and voice ensemble at the vigil mass to keyboard, guitar and mixed instruments on Sunday evening. We always welcome new members to the music ministry whether you can contribute by way of voice, instrument or even availability to stand in on the odd occasion when the regulars can’t make it for whatever reason.
We are a small bunch of volunteers who try to get the message out about justice and peace issues in Scotland and the wider world. Campaigns highlighted by Justice and Peace Scotland involve areas such as peace making, nuclear weapons, arms trade, environment , human rights, social justice, development, catholic social teaching and trade justice.

Up and coming events include 3 nights of the stations of the cross in Lent followed each evening by poverty suppers.  We also hope to run an event for refugee week in June.  We only meet when we need to and publicise our meetings in the bulletin.
The poverty suppers are scheduled for Wednesdays 27th March and 3rd and 10th April; Stations at 7 in the church then the poverty supper in the hall – soup and a sandwich typically.

The reading of THE WORD in the Celebration of The Eucharist is an important Ministry at each Mass. While the altar is referred to as the Table of The Eucharist, the lectern is referred to as the Table of The Word. It should therefore be considered a great privilege to contribute to this valuable Ministry.

At the Immaculate Conception, we currently have a pool of 36 Readers to cover both the 4 weekend and 5 weekday Masses. The weekend Masses are organised via a rota which is renewed every 12 weeks. Current numbers dictate that each Reader is involved once every 3 or 4 weeks. More Readers would obviously reduce this frequency. In the event of a Reader being unable to fulfil her/his particular duty, an efficient system to arrange cover exists. Weekday Masses are covered by a smaller pool of Readers plus reserves for each day in the event of cover being required. We are always open to and delighted to welcome new Readers to this important Ministry. Readers’ Rota

SPRED’s vision is to work within the Church to nourish accepting and inclusive communities for people with additional support needs.

SPRED offers:

  • Friendship… a personal friend who takes time to share life and faith
  • Spiritual Nurture…in a small community of faith.
  • A Sense of Belonging…to a parish community where opportunities are created for active belonging.

We always need more volunteers for SPRED so that parishioners affected by learning or developmental disabilities who need extra help are given the support and friendship that they need to participate in parish life. If you are interested in participating in the SPRED ministry in the Parish of the Immaculate Conception, you can support us by volunteering as a Catechist or driver. Read More… 

Our Church Hall is situated next to the Church and is a vital part of our community of life and faith on a day to day basis. The Hall is available to hire for events such as birthdays, anniversaries, fundraisers and weddings.

To book the Hall, please complete the booking application form and return to

Church Hall Booking Application

In our parish we have Extraordinary Ministers to help with the distribution of Holy Communion.
They help with the distribution of the Sacred Host and the Precious Blood at Mass. They also minister to the housebound and sick of the parish by taking them Holy Communion after Mass.

Eucharistic Ministers’ Rota 16 February – 1 May 2020