Regenerating Our Parish

Parish Retreat

Parish Retreat
Parish Retreat

The Parish Retreat took place during week beginning 15th September 2019).

How it works


Having a space and time set aside each day is important. We’ve given you a candle and icon to create a small space at home for you and your family.

The church hall has been transformed into a silent prayer space where you can come to be alone and still. Tea and coffee is available all day so you can step aside from the race of life and give time to God.

Personal Prayer

Each day has a theme.

Decide how much time you want to give and then…

Light a candle and…

Slow down; put aside your thoughts and busyness then…

Read that day’s passage, slowly, listening to what it is saying before…

Breathe as you reflect more deeply, gently aware of your breathing…

Concentrate on each breath passing in and out…

Feel the air as it flows through your nostrils.

Take a short phrase (from the reading or perhaps, “Jesus have mercy on me”; “You God are compassion You are love”). Let the phrase match your breath to still you before God.

End your reflection with the prayer for that day.

Write down whatever came to you in this prayer; a name, a person, a feeling, a hope or a regret?

Reflecting together

There are three times scheduled each day in the hall – our “prayer space” for the week – and you are invited to come and share your thoughts and prayers with each other (as you like but even just once during the week). These times will be led by a guide, will last about 40 minutes; tea and coffee afterwards.